What is KENESIS?

Kenesis is the most used content management system (CMS), for the entire of Africa!


Kenesis is cloud based website development software that makes editing of text and images etc, on your website quick and easy, with little to no web development experience.

Fully Responsive

With Kenesis web development software your website will adapt to its environment.

Images, Text, Navigation bar and more, will all resize to suit the screen size it is being displayed on.

So whether you are on a computer, a tablet or a cell phone.
Your Kenesis website will always look in proportion and professional with the screen size.

Update Your Kenesis Website Using Your Smart Phone!
This can be done 1 of 2 ways:
1) Via opening your editing window on any browser. Or
2) By downloading the free mobile app Kenesis offers to all it users.

Looking for Employment at Kenesis:

Looking for a job or employment opportunity at Kenesis? You're in luck! Kenesis is actively seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our dynamic team.
To apply, simply visit CVQuest and browse through our current openings. We offer a variety of positions across different departments, so there’s something for everyone.
Take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career by applying directly on CVQuest today!

Some Top Features of Kenesis:

Kenesis Analytics:  From your Kenesis website you can view how many people have been on your website, what pages they have view and much more.

Image Manager: Straight from the backend of your Kenesis Website you can save Images so you have access to them at any time.

Stock Image manager: Kenesis knows how difficult it can be to find the right image you need, thus we have created a vast folder of images just for Kenesis users.

Live Chat System: This allows potential clients visiting your Kenesis website to ask you questions if they are unsure about a product or service that you may offer.

Search Function: Gives potential clients visiting your Kenesis website the ability to search through your website, to easily find out if you offer what they are looking for.

Completely Responsive: Your website will respond to the device on which it is being shown, whether it be a desktop pc, a tablet or even a cell phone.
View our Kenesis Approved Dealer List:

Jasper Consultants
Cyber Ads
Eco Web
Hey Online
Unico Creations

Version Release Date Updates Made 
v6.2.6  2019/07/01 New Custom Bottom Navigation 
        • Custom bottom nav creator that can add links, text, contact details, images and videos. 
New layouts added 
        • Grand Parade (Video Focused)
        • Compact (Mobile Focused)
        • Stretchy (Mobile Focused)
        • Puzzle (Mobile Focused)
Retail Fixes 
v6.2.5  2019/06/24 New Maxi Slider Released 
v6.2.4  2019/06/07 New layouts added 
        • Synthwave 
        • Tranquil 
Layouts Fixes 
        • Nether 
                • Overlay on top image now switches off with layer image 
                • Option to remove greyscale form bottom widget 
        • Apex 
                • Option to switch layer image off 
        • Surreal 
                • Can now change colour of the two content blocks 
                • Squares have been fixed 
                • Text position on last content block is fixed 
        • New Releases 
        • Daily Deals 
Page Manager 
        • Fixes 
Calendar Bookings 
        • Links fixes 
v6.2  2019/05/24 New and Improved Layout Editor Interface 
        • Layouts are now categorized 
        • Layouts have previews and wireframes for better visualization 
        • Easy page edit straight from layout editor 
        • Easy navigation between pages within the layout editor 
        • Can now search for a layout 
New Page Editor Interface
        • Easy navigation between pages within the page editor
        • New loaders when uploading images and publishing pages
        • Character limit counter on content blocks 
        • New and improved Webapp select that now offers screenshots and info of Webapp plus search function for Webapp
        • New and improved Widget select that now offers screenshots of Widget plus search function for Widget
Start and end point anchors fixed 
Module number saving fixed 
New layouts added 
        • Apex 
        • Film 
        • Lucid 
        • Nether 
        • Showcase 
        • Stratum 
        • Strawberry Bubblegum 
        • Surreal 
Menu Editor 
        • Added 2 extra menu slots (Can now have up to 8 main menu slots) 
Mobile Menu
        • iPhone backend menu fix
        • Graphical Slider – Fixes
        • Interactive slider – Order by date Asc/Desc
        • Text Slider – Fixes
        • Bulk export limit increased
        • Onsite menu now closes when clicking on a category
v6.1.1 2019/04/23 Bulk Upload 
        • Add image URLs to the CSVs 
        • Descriptions on tabs 
Product Retail 
        • Update all retails with bulk upload 
        • Add products from existing to all 
        • Separate styles and style bug fixes for multi retail 
        • Separate featured products for multi retail 
        • Where pricing is switched off no longer shows “N/A” 
        • Variations Fixes 
        • Payment Options Added 
                • GooglePay 
                • PayU 
                • Zapper 
                • SnapScan 
                • I-Pay 
        • Delivery Options Added 
                • Courier Guy  
                • CourierIT 
        • Fixes login purchases 
        • EFT Purchases now send banking details in email 
        • Cart fixes 
        • “New” and “special” indicators added to certain layouts 
        • Mobile style alterations (Closing of menu when selecting a product type) 
v6.0.12 2019/02/15 Product retail 
        • Bugs & Features 
Vehicle showroom 
        • Editing of vehicle on dashboard 
Guest Booking 
        • IE & Calendar Fixes 
Page builder 
        • Navigation duplication 
Mini Catelog 
        • Image caching 
v6.0.11  2019/01/22 Fixed contact form lite and contact form cutting off on mobile 
Transparent navigation on retail not transparent 
Vehicle showroom 
        • Adding and deleting of vehicles
        • Cosmetic issues 
        • Deleting a lead from dashboard, remove from envelope 
        • When deleting a vehicle now removes existing lead from dashboard counter 
Product catelog 
        • Error on checkout fixed 
v6.0.9 2018/11/21 Photo gallery 
        • Added the missing icons in the top right hand corner when viewing an image 
Live support 
        • Reduced message delay on SSL sites 
        • Added email sign off and user log out for admins 
        • Can now set default language for site 
Page Builder 
        • Added logo position option 
Contact Form 
        • Bug fix for first time users 
Video Manager 
        • Added video up-loader 
v6.0.5  2018/07/21 Page Manager 
        • Mobile pages in page manager now work 
        • Buttons and links remain even when editing the page after saving 
        • Image contain on the 6 small image at the bottom of the basic layout now works better 
        • Can now insert hex codes into the more colours when colouring text in the page manager 
        • 3 Image animated 2nd & 3rd text blocks no longer duplicate 
        • List of tables when adding a table to the page is now scrollable 
        • Code and gaps at the top of iframe now fixed 
v6.0.3 2018/06/27 Faster Image Loading 
Page Manager 
        • Layout fixes (miscellaneous) 
Maxi Gallery 
        • Added missing icons 
Theme manager 
        • Basic settings colour fixed 
Client Manager & Login 
        • New client manager interface 
        • Bug fixes (general) 
Feedback Responses 
        • New interface 
v5.56 2017/11/20 [NEW] PayGate / VCS to Ecommerce
[Update] Product Retail Options
[Update] Fixed minor issues
[Added] Invoice indicators
[Added] Orders & Invoices to the Menu
v5.53 2017/09/05 [new] Maxi gallery added 
v5.52 2017/08/05 [New] Site Analytics
[New] Mini Catalog
[New] Contact Form Lite
[New] Photo Gallery Lite
[Fix] Website Loading speeds
v5.23 2017/03/03 [Fix] Product Catalog: Loading speed increase by 90%
(update) [New] Image Manager: Add from stock images option
[New] Global App Settings: Social Media sharing options
[New] Product Retail: New app added
[New] Calendar Bookings: New app added
[New] Product Brochure: New app added
[New] Layer Maker: New app added
[New] Store Locator: New widget added
[New] Splash Screen: New widget added
v5.23 2017/03/03 [Update] New Icons / Images
[Update] Product Catalog: Major performance increase
[Update] Google Maps: Now Allows for 5 different per website
[Update] Contact Form: Now Allows for 10 different per website
[Update] Other small bugs fixed and layout updated
[New] Vechile Showroom: New app added
[New] 3D Slider: New widget added
v5.22 2016/12/02 WebSite Effects Added, New Snow Animations
(update) Testimonials WebApp Added
Bug Fixed On Layouts And Product Catalog
v5.22 2016/10/28 Product Pages have changed to News Pages
Feedback Form has changed to Contact Form
Contact Form Validation has now got more options
Loaders has moved to WebSite Effects with new options
v5.21 2016/10/21 A few changes have been made based on client requests.
Web Modules has changed to Web Apps
The Great Enabler has changed to Global Enabler
Tip have been added and can be disabled -> My Settings -> Global Enabler
Product Catalog has a performance increase
v5.10 2016/07/05 Kenesis 5.0  a whole new system. Improved website editing features. User friendly editing, mobile responsive.
v4.00 2015/06/19 Jms system (Primitive version of Kenesis Today)
v3.00 2009/08/05 version 3 was a serif web module based editing system 
v2.00 2008/10/10 websitecreator.kenesis.co.za, Set of 20 layouts that could only minorly be changed.
v1.00 2004/06/11 Paper Version